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Fasilitor may aid in the uptake of nutrients, strengthens plants structure and increases the plants ability to handle various environmental stresses (abiotic and biotic). It increases the absorption and bioavailability of all other nutrients by acting as an efficient transporter for other elements. This increases general plant strength, health and nutrition. 

Some of the effects seen with fasilitor can appear like those of plant growth regulators (pgrs). Aptus products contain no synthetic or unnatural pgrs! The key thing to understand is that fasilitor works with natural plant mechanisms rather than trying to manipulate in unnatural ways.

Silicic acid provides immediately bio-available silicon when and where the plant needs it. Read more on the specific effects of silicic acid under the product technologies section.

Boron stimulates the production of plant fibers (increases dry weight) and stimulates root hairs to leach sugars into the medium, which feeds micro-life.

Molybdenum acts as a nitrogen pump, helping move nitrogen from the lower leaves (old growth) to the higher leaves (new growth).

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