Premium Collection

Premium Quality

The products offered by Aptus Plant Tech are top range products from the professional greenhouse and agricultural industries. Aptus Plant Tech offers products that stand out on basis of quality that deliver visible effects and added value. This implies that we do not offer standard bulk fertilizers (like NPK fertilizers), diluted products, or products that contain low quality active ingredients. All products are developed using the latest scientific insights, are extensively tested and produced and packed conform the highest standards.

Concentrated Products

Aptus Plant Tech does not sell water or diluted products. All products are concentrated and not diluted with water. The price per litre might be higher than customers are used to. But with one litre customers can make up to 25x more nutrient water. Therefore we sell our products in smaller bottles. Even with these smaller bottles, customers prepare much more nutrient water than with larger bottles of our competitors. This makes our products cheap to use. Added advantage is that distributors and customers do not have to ship water.

100% Organic Inputs

Organic products contain active ingredients from natural (biological) sources. These active ingredients are always easier for plants to absorb then chemical (mineral) active ingredients. Aptus Plant Tech products contain for the most part 100% organic active ingredients, and if this is not possible organo-mineral active ingredients. Using organic products improves the quality of the end products. This fits the trend of higher quality consumables.

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